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3D Print In The Cloud - Why Buy a Printer When You Can Lease Time?

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3D printing is a fast, cost effective way to design, prototype and market you product. At RapidMade our experience shows most clients need multiple 3D printers and materials to meet all their creative needs.
If you use a 3D printer for less than 120 hours per month or you need to print different materials, the cost of ownership can be prohibitive. The solution is to lease time at our production facility.

Our Print In The Cloud service is designed to address your needs.

For a small monthly fee you can immediately start printing in Industrial grade FDM plastic, Professional prototyping acrylic or polypropylene, and Full Color Sandstone.

 Plans start at 20 hours per month rising to 100 hours per month for our more experienced users.

You have full access to the machines without the cost of maintenance, operation and obsolescence.

"No more quotes to worry about, simply tell us what you want to print and we take care of the rest"