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We have been very satisfied with the quality of work we’ve received from RapidMade. Their willingness to offer suggestions and work up composites has helped us get the best models possible. We see their work as a competitive advantage in explaining our products to current distributors, as well as in attracting prospective customers. They have been easy to deal with and responsive to questions. As professionals passionate about providing the best product, I’ve always felt comfortable working with them — and with them safeguarding our patented technology. From concept to output, RapidMade has always met or exceeded our needs. I recommend them, and plan on using them for our 3D printing.
— Michael Roberts, Marketing Manager

OMDOG Performance Canine Headgear

“OMDOG performance canine headgear started as a simple idea — to build a custom helmet for Charlie the Dog, who rides around Portland, Oregon in a cargo bicycle. When the decision was made to duplicate and improve the design, we contacted Rapid Made. They were responsive and excited about the project. They quickly 3D scanned our prototype, reverse engineered it, and made it easy for us to review and approve the CAD model before printing. Rapid Made helped us take an idea that started as a cardboard model made from a pizza box turn it into a viable product design. They’re providing us with manufacturing options within our budget and well suited for our target market. We are extraordinarily grateful to have found Rapid Made!”
— Derek Beck



Working with RapidMade was a great experience! They listened to all of our requests and were able to make exactly what we were hoping for. They were very knowledgeable about their product capabilities and materials, which enabled them to quickly modify our model to meet our needs. We will definitely be working with Rapid Made again!
— Scott P. Hill, Vice President

RapidMade has been a great partner for our door replacement part needs. Our door systems are 30+ years old and replacement parts are no longer available. RapidMade has allowed us to repair and replace parts as needed instead of total refits to existing doors, which is very expensive. RapidMade is a customer-friendly Oregon company that has helped EOCI save the state taxpayers thousands on cell door maintenance.
— Mike Cleveland, Physical Plant Manager
Thank you so much to you and your team for doing such a fantastic job! I appreciate you, David and Micah and all the hard work you put in to create superior craftsmanship for your clients like me.
— David Jenkins, Founder

RapidMade approached Ziba with a proposition to help us solve a problem, and they’ve done just that. RapidMade’s value is in understanding the problem before trying to solve it - which is different than just doing what you’re asked.
— Ken Dieringer, Facilities Manager


FlatHED is a Portland-based product development, industrial design, and project management firm. They turned to RapidMade to keep their project under budget. 

Robert Oshatz is a local Portland Architect who designs intricate and beautiful buildings. See his other work here.

Fat Pencil Studio

Fat Pencil Studio specializes in creating compelling visualizations and graphics. Their first foray into 3D printing was an examination of the footing of the Yaquina Bay Bridge.