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3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering

If you are interested in large scale 3D scanning and reverse engineering projects or are looking for a partner for ongoing work find out more about our 3D Scan Princing Plans.

With 3D Scanning packages starting at $185, you can afford to digitize critical components, valuable artwork and irreplaceable artifacts - and even scale or replicate them. 

Our local team of engineers can quickly scan your parts to create a usable STL file. If you want to modify the part we can convert this file to an STEP or IGES format. Ideal if you want to:

  • Replace obsolete or hard-to-find parts
  • Create 3D digital part libraries
  • Create highly customized products or modify an exiting part
  • Custom-fit parts or implants
  • Duplicate complex designs with ease
  • Check tolerances, deviation, and conformance

Our engineers can also convert and modify files on request.

"Working with RapidMade has been the epitome of a positive business experience.  The team helped me image a damaged part, then printed it for test fitting.  It worked perfectly the first time!  I highly recommend RapidMade if you want to work with the best of the best."- Alex Carlson,  Arion LLC

The Process

Original Part

3D Scanning

Data Processing


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineer.JPG

Rapid Prototyping




3D Scanner Hardware Info

Scanner Application Resolution/Accuracy
Capture3D Parts, Components High
Artec Larger Items Medium
Lidar Mapping, Buildings Low
Capture3D Scanner Stats
Data Capture Rate 985,000 points/scan (0.3 sec per scan)
Resolution 0.110 mm
Accuracy 0.060 mm
Max Scan Size 2'x2'x2'