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Our portfolio includes hundreds of custom projects meeting the strictest manufacturing requirements for:

  • 3D printing/rapid manufacturing
  • Plastic fabrication and thermoforming
  • High-tolerance machining
  • Injection molding
  • Resin casting
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Sand, investment and die casting
  • Composites manufacturing
  • High-quality finishing. 


RapidMade Advantages: 

  • Creativity:  exploration excites us which results in novel solutions.
  • Versatility:  metal, plastic, composites, we do it all.
  • All-in-one:  design, prototype, and manufacture in one place.
  • Experience:  extensive knowledge of rapid, traditional and hybrid manufacturing.
  • Speed:  in-house rapid prototyping validates engineers' designs overnight.
  • Technology: validate designs overnight with cutting edge simulation and printing technology
  • Color: with almost 400,000 colors to choose from, why skimp?
  • Size: scale-down huge machines or buildings to hand-held or table-sized replicas
  • Logistics: avoid lugging heavy machinery to trade shows
  • Creativity: turn your BIM and CAD models into tangible marketing materials
  • Carefree: leave the design and fabrication to us, just supply the ideas