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Rapid Prototyping

  • 3D printing, quick-turn machining, traditional metal and plastic forming, short-run castings
  • Thermoset and thermoplastic manufacturing, hard and soft metals, composites available
  • Full-color concept models, functional prototypes, assembly and embedded electronics
  • Quotes generally in under 24-48 hours, parts in days


One-Stop Digitization and Engineering

  • Output in most common file types like STLSTPIGES and many more.
  • Simple scans and detailed reverse engineering projects
  • Create 3D digital part libraries and 2D prints- Design/Mechanical drawings
  • Duplicate complex designs with ease
  • Check tolerances, deviation, and conformance
  • Team of engineers available for alterations and redesign


Accurately Manufacture with Ease and Confidence

  • Replace obsolete or hard-to-find parts instead of buying new equipment
  • Create highly customized products or modify an existing part
  • Ensure new manufactured part mates with existing components
  • Wide range of material and manufacturing options to match or exceed original part properties and accuracy
  • Custom-fit parts and implants


Inspection Gives Peace of Mind that Components are in Spec

  • Ensure your company or contractor is supplying parts that meet your expectations of conformance
  • Provide documentation to your customer that your parts are in spec
  • Inspect first articles, molds and other tooling or random samplings from your product line
  • Experience and ingenuity allows inspection of complicated parts at a bargain value