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Product Design and Mechanical Engineering

Consumer, Industrial, Medical and Everything in Between



Our portfolio includes hundreds of custom projects meeting the strictest manufacturing requirements for:

  • 3D printing/rapid manufacturing
  • Plastic fabrication and thermoforming
  • High-tolerance machining
  • Injection molding
  • Resin casting
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Sand, investment and die casting
  • Composites manufacturing
  • High-quality finishing


RapidMade Advantages: 

  • Creativity:  exploration excites us which results in novel solutions
  • Versatility:  metal, plastic, carbon fiber, we do it all
  • All-in-one:  design, prototype, and manufacture in one place
  • Experience:  extensive knowledge of rapid, traditional and hybrid manufacturing
  • Speed:  in-house rapid prototyping validates engineers' designs overnight
  • Technology: Validate designs overnight with cutting edge simulation and printing technology

Jim Donnelly, Armstrong Metal Crafts

RapidMade has a powerful team of engineers representing many disciplines. They have a unique ability to navigate many 3D and conventional machining options to get a part deisgn from concept to reality. I found their engineers to be very good to work with and the quality of their work is outstanding. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Andrew Greenberg, APDM

RapidMade's engineering services are FANTASTIC. They're fast,reasonably priced, and have the experience to guide you to the right technologies to get you what you want. We've used them dozens of times as our temp engineering and production staff for small, fast projects,and we've had positive experiences with all of our projects.


David Jenkins, Libba LLC

I appreciate you ... and all the hard work you put in to create superior craftsmanship for your clients like me.

Ken Dieringer, Ziba Design

RapidMade approached Ziba with a proposition to help us solve a problem and they've done just that. RapidMade's value is in understanding the problem before trying to solve it - which is different than just doing what you are asked.