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About RapidMade

At RapidMade, we like to design and build things, and we like to work with clients who feel the same way. We believe that our customers’ competitive advantage stems from their ability to create, produce and market better products. That’s why we focus on applying the latest materials, manufacturing and engineering technologies to the process of developing, prototyping, manufacturing, and marketing products.  It is this focus and passion, together with our ability to provide these services in a unique and cost effective way, that makes us different.

Based in Portland, Oregon, RapidMade was started in 2011 to capitalize on the expanding field of additive manufacturing and 3D digital design, to sustainably re-shore and localize manufacturing to the Northwest and to employ and educate a new generation of manufacturing professionals. By 2016, we had expanded into more complex projects involving tooling, sourcing, and engineering which included custom digital machinery design.

Our knowledge of materials, engineering and manufacturing processes extends to both traditional and advanced technologies. And we use this knowledge to help our clients apply the right solutions to their business needs. If you are looking to create a new product, improve an existing one, find a new manufacturing solution or looking for a partner who can help you take advantage of the latest digital and additive technologies then we can provide you with a range of services from a simple part or prototype to a complete analysis of your product or processing needs.

The digital economy, globalization and mass customization have fundamentally changed how we think about creating, marketing and manufacturing products. Companies and entrepreneurs are under continued pressure to create new products, increase speed to market, lower operating costs and maintain a broader range of product choices throughout the product life cycle. RapidMade is passionate about working with its clients to address these challenges and help them compete in the digital age.


Mission Statement

To provide entrepreneurs, small and medium size business with the resources they need to create, produce, market and support tangible products

To be the leading Northwest resource in the application of engineered materials, advanced manufacturing technologies and digital engineering techniques

To be a responsible member of our community by contributing to the overall growth of the manufacturing base and providing a safe workplace where our team can create meaningful customer solutions 

Our Services

Product Design – We provide engineering and industrial design resources to help you create, develop and refine your products.

Prototyping – We can provide a range of traditional and advanced methods, materials and technologies to quickly and efficiently produce your prototypes.

Models – We employ a range of 3D technologies to create models and displays.

Specialty Marketing – We have custom engineering, manufacturing and assembly capabilities for producing specialty marketing solutions.

Tooling – We use advanced and traditional manufacturing technologies together with our design engineering expertise to create tooling solutions for molding, forming, cutting, casting, extruding, handling and packaging

Manufactured Parts – We are specialists in providing quick turn, small batch manufacturing solutions. We focus on additive, printing, machining, injection molding, thermoforming, casting and urethane molding.

Engineering Services – We can provide engineering services for product and process design, layouts, tooling, custom machinery, reverse engineering, scanning, inspection and modelling

Custom Machinery – We have expertise in designing, modifying and adapting machinery to meet your needs. This includes new tooling and replacement parts

Audits – We can provide an audit of your current parts, tooling and manufacturing process to determine where alternate materials, manufacturing and engineering technologies can provide a competitive advantage

Packaging – We provide thermoformed packaging solutions where customization, quick turn or printed materials are a requirement.



State of Oregon  certified as Emerging Small Business (ESB)

State of Oregon certified as Women Business Enterprise (WBE)


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