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full color 3d printing colorjet gypsum zprinter 650
  • A full palette of over 390,000 colors create colorful models that catch the eye.
  • Show fine, hidden, or internal details of complex designs. Produce inexpensive form/fit prototypes quickly.
  • Excellent for art projects, architectural models, and many other applications.
  • High quality sanded finishes available for projects in need of extra polish.
  • RapidMade runs parts on a Projet 660, also called the Zprinter 650- by far the best color 3D printer on the market.
  • Full color, ceramic-like composite material. ColorJet 3D printers are some of the fastest on the market and turn around time can be as little as a single day.
  • Colorjet Material options:

polyjet objet high resolution rubber clear opaque
  • PolyJet (Objet)- Over 900 material options (from rigid to flexible)
  • Multiple material properties in a single build cycle.
  • Multiple vibrant colors in a single part build
  • Ideal for fine details and smooth surfaces
  • Construct hundreds of digital materials with a wide range of physical properties, colors and tones
  • Dual material jetting produces up to 14 material properties in one print job with our most advanced Polyjet system jets three materials to multiply your options
  • Objet Material Options and Guidelines:

multijet high resolution wax support
  • Build the unbuild-able with wax support material and high detail
  • Offers incredibly high resolution with layers as thin as 16 microns (0.0006 inches)
  • Prints assemblies and moving parts
  • Build volume: 11.75 x 7.3 x 8 inches
  • Wax support material allows for the smallest features of any 3D printer
  • Projet material options:

large format printing burnout wax pmma epoxy
  • The only technology that can make huge prints over a meter in length!
  • Large format features include:
    • A max build volume of 1000 mm x 600 mm x 500 mm
    • Part resolution of 600 dots per inch
    • Standard layer thickness: 120 microns
    • 0.3% part accuracy (min. +/- 100 um)
    • Much faster lead time than CNC machining of complex patterns
    • Saves on material by reusing powder
    • Sand casting mold print material available for large patterns that would require complex or impossible cores and undercuts
    • Low-ash investment casting resin available with hollow insides for direct printed "wax" patterns with high quality burnout
  • Acrylic epoxy composite material available for high quality plastic parts and models.
  • Avoid expensive waste and time-consuming assembly associated with CNC machining of large objects
  • LFP Material Options:

stereolithography high resolution SLA
  • Provides similar surface resolution to Polyjet and Multijet but builds faster and requires less support material
  • Has the largest build volume for high-resolution parts and after large format SLS and FDM parts
  • Makes great aesthetic models and casting patterns
  • Clear, translucent and opaque materials available.
  • Materials that mimic properties of ABS, polycarbonate and polypropylene available
  • SLA Material Options:

fused deposition modeling abs high accuracy
  • Prototype in real production-grade thermoplastics.
  • Durable, excellent mechanical and thermal properties
  • High-heat resistance- High strength- Med grade
  • Great for fixtures and tools
  • Print with the strength and durability of real engineering thermoplastics like ABS, PC or Ultem
  • CNC- controlled extrusion provides high-accuracy and unparalleled consistency among batches of parts
  • Soluble support material gives design freedom for undercuts and internal or complex part details. Assemblies can be built without the assembly
  • FDM Material Options and Guidelines:

Selective laser Sintering SLS nylon composites glass aluminum carbon

direct metal laser sintering dmls aluminum stainless tool steel titanium

metal printing exone bronze steel alloy
  • Create cost-effective metal parts by eliminating tooling costs
  • Stainless steel and bronze alloy provides strength and weight.
  • Ideal for small-batch fabrication of metal parts for a fraction of the cost of DMLS/SLM
  • Fits demanding aesthetic and mechanical applications
  • Available range of diverse finishes from polishes to plating
  • Typical products include replacement parts for any industry, building and auto restoration, jewelry, and promotional products
  • Metal Printing material options and Guidelines: