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Additive Manufacturing in the Medical Industry

3D Printing’s ability to personalize treatment has accelerated its adoption in the medical field.  Professionals are having anatomically correct educational models made to improve student training and surgical outcomes and printing custom surgical guides, limb prosthetics and body implants. Another popular use for these types of prints allows doctors to convert patient-specific scans to better explain medical issues, upcoming surgeries, and treatment options.


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Injection Molding vs. 3D Printing

Sometimes 3D printing can only go so far when developing and manufacturing products in their early stages. In those instances, Rapid Injection Molding can help take a new product to the finish line. Learn about how RapidMade brings more prototype options to the table.


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Industrial Design at RapidMade

When clients first come to RapidMade, sometimes they have a complete design ready to be made, but often they only have an idea of what they want. Introducing our new Industrial Design capabilities is a critical step toward helping the customers make their vision a reality. Learn about how RapidMade is growing our internal capabilities for our customers by adding Industrial Design to the Product Design Process


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Reverse Engineering

Learn about how RapidMade can take any product and remake it for you. Our Engineers have the capabilities to model or 3D scan anything you bring us.


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Custom Machinery- Coater Design

A client approached RapidMade for help solving a fundamental problem with a first-of-its-kind digital printing line. RapidMade was asked to design and support the manufacture of a machine that would apply a coating to the surface of the corrugated to prevent absorption. Learn more about how RapidMade was able to create this unique machinery.


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Deadliest Catch Crab

Captain Derrick Ray of the Discovery Channel's hit show, The Deadliest Catch, is a captain for one of Alaska's most successful and beloved crab fishing toursBering Sea Crab Fisherman's Tour.

Every summer, which is the off season for crabbing, Ray takes customers on the high seas to simulate the experience - at least without the rough weather, long hours and extreme danger. Seeing up close crabs may be the highlight of the tour, but the costs and casualty of such a display were very high. Ray and his company wanted a more sustainable approach .

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