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Falco Freeman, Snapbuds

""As an entrepreneur and an inventor, having access to rapid prototyping in all of it’s forms locally is invaluable. RapidMade not only has all of the cutting edge tools, but ,equally important, everyone that works at Rapid Made is engaged in the creative process and loves what they are doing.  This equates to a workforce at my disposal that not only wants to get the job done, but rather, create something useful and to the exacting standards that useful prototyping demands.  All of this is achieved with the support of an educated, responsive and dedicated management team that provides clear communication, timely responses, and detail oriented problem solving.  This equates to realistic deadlines and a level of quality that is unsurpassed.  Rapid Made comes with my highest recommendation!  We have worked with Rapid Made several times and expect to use their services many more times in the years to come. "

Jeff Mason, US Pipe and Foundry Company LLC

"US Pipe contracted with RapidMade, Inc. to produce some 3D printed models for a new product. The actual product is somewhat large and heavy and the scaled down 3D models made it easy to transport and demonstrate the product to engineers, municipalities, and contractors. RapidMade exceeded our expectations with the final product and we were very pleased. It was a pleasure to work with a local company that takes pride in their business and industry. They were easy to work with, quick to reply, and made requested modifications as well as provide key input for improvements.

We would highly recommend using RapidMade and plan on continuing our business relationship with them for future products."


Jim Donnelly, Armstrong Metal Crafts

"RapidMade has a powerful team of engineers representing many disciplines. They have a unique ability to navigate many 3D and conventional machining options to get a part deisgn from concept to reality. I found their engineers to be very good to work with and the quality of their work is outstanding. I'd recommend them to anyone."

Ken Dieringer, Ziba Design

"RapidMade approached Ziba with a proposition to help us solve a problem and they've done just that. RapidMade's value is in understanding the problem before trying to solve it - which is different than just doing what you are asked."



"FlatHED is a Portland-based product development, industrial design, and project management firm. They turned to RapidMade to keep their project under budget."

Andrew Greenberg, APDM

"RapidMade's engineering services are FANTASTIC. They're fast,reasonably priced, and have the experience to guide you to the righttechnologies to get you what you want. We've used them dozens of timesas our temp engineering and production staff for small, fast projects,and we've had positive experiences with all of our projects."


David Jenkins, Marie Ernst BEAUTY BAR

“Thank you so much to you and your team for doing such a fantastic job! I appreciate you, David and Micah and all the hard work you put in to create superior craftsmanship for your clients like me.”

Fat Pencil Studio

"Fat Pencil Studio specializes in creating compelling visualizations and graphics. Their first foray into 3D printing was an examination of the footing of the Yaquina Bay Bridge."


Alex Carlson, Arion LLC

"Working with RapidMade has been the epitome of a positive business experience. The team helped me image a damaged part, then printed it for test fitting.  It worked perfectly the first time!  I highly recommend RapidMade if you want to work with the best of the best."

Dune Farmers

"Rapidmade 100% helped our product become a reality. They worked with us from the ground up. We came to them with an idea in our head and they turned it into a CAD drawing and then a sweet 3D printed prototype. Rapidmade is made up of a great group of people that literally help make dreams come true! Thank you again!"