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Preferred CAD Filetypes

Listed in order of preference. 

Engineering and Design (parametric, boundary representation files)

  1. SolidWorks (.SLDPRT, .SLDASM, .SLDDRW)
  2. Inventor (.IPT, .IAM)
  3. Parasolid (.X_B, .X_T)
  4. STEP (.STP, .STEP)
  5. IGES (.IGS, .IGES)
  6. Rhino (.3DM)
  7. AutoCAD (.DXF, .DWG 2010 or earlier preferred)

Color 3D Printing (mesh files with color and/or texture information)

  1. ZPR
  2. OBJ (must include MTL file and texture maps)
  3. FBX
  4. 3DS
  5. PLY
  6. 3DM
  7. WRL

Standard 3D Printing (mesh files)

  1. STL
  2. OBJ
  3. PLY
  4. 3D DXF or 3D DXF (2010 or earlier preferred)
  5. 3DM
  6. SketchUp*

*While we can and do work with SketchUp files, extra engineering fees may apply to convert them into usable geometry.