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Rapid Prototyping

RapidMade get's its name from developing and manufacturing products as fast as possible

Know that you need Rapid Prototyping services but don't know what material is right for you? Check out our buyer's guide to better understand our Rapid Prototyping technologies.


Ready to Rapid Prototype?

Do you have a part or assembly that's ready to move from drawing to reality? (If not, see our design and engineering page!) Want to be able to physically touch and experience your product or part? 

In just 2 to 10 days, RapidMade™ can 3D print your design in your choice of plastic, metal, or composite. Whatever your needs, we will find the best material or process for your design form and function.

While many people think that rapid prototyping is limited to 3D printing, we offer a diverse group of processes (from laser-sintered titanium and UV-cured photopolymers to cast urethane and laser cut steel).

If 3D printing isn't right for your needs, we'll find the design and process that works for YOU.


RapidMade Advantages:

  • Speed: turn-arounds as short as 1 day
  • Money: small budget projects are a specialty of ours
  • Flexibility: quickly iterate through design revisions or produce several at once
  • Expertise: assistance with any of your engineering issues is our priority
  • Know-how: let us help you avoid the pit-falls


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