Come see RapidMade at PSU's Business Accelerator Company 11th Annual Showcase.  We are officially graduating from the program tonight, Monday, May 18 at 5:15!

Here's the agenda:

Doors at 4pm
Pitch group 1:  4:30pm
Pitch Group 2 & Company Awards: 5:15pm
Pitch Group 3: 6:00pm

Do you have the tools you need to support your customers? Can we help?

At RapidMade we specialize in providing fast response solutions to your one-off and low volume part needs.  We use advanced 3D scanning, printing, engineering and manufacturing to help you solve those difficult problems.


Parts 2.jpg


Complex Parts

Highly customized, unique and complex parts are a specialty. We have the engineering team to help you design.

Molds & Tooling

Replacement tooling and mold making? Using 3D technology we can turn that new tool around fast.

Metal Components

We work with your team to select the right material and technology to suit your needs.

Contact us today; let’s see how we can help you:

Phone: 503 943 2781 |  Email:    


Interested in learning more about Oregon-based 3D printing Services?  Then join us at:

Lunch with the Locals: an Introduction to 3D Printing Services in Oregon

 Wednesday, February 18th

Show & Tell over lunch: 11 am to 1 pm

Open house at Peak Solutions (next door) till 3pm

0470 Southwest Hamilton Court
Portland, OR 97239

Free valet parking is included

Send all RSVPs to:

 Attendance is limited to 40 people, so send me RSVPs as you get them (assuming you guys are also promoting the event).