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Lower your Maintenance and Operating Costs

Stop paying high prices for replacement and discontinued parts.

Reduce your inventory and order parts on demand.

Make your parts and tools last longer and perform better.

- Digital engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing now make it possible to re-create, improve or lower the cost of replacement parts and tooling.

- For the past 6 years RapidMade has been helping clients solve their operating and maintenance challenges.

- Not every part or tool fits, so let our engineers and manufacturing profesionals determine the right solution for you.

- We analyze, test and manufacture so you have peace of mind that your new parts and tools will work first time, (every time).

Some of the Benefits that our customers receive:

  • Reduce inventory requirements with on-demand parts.
  • Easily reorder from a Digital inventory library.
  • Receive shipments in as little as one to two days and quantities as low as one part.
  • Access hundreds of materials and manufacturing options.
  • Pay less for parts than from OEMs.
  • Trust our experience to replicate parts exactly.
  • Use our engineering expertise to modify generic parts to best fit exact needs.
  • Own designs so they can be modified at will!
  • Extend the operating life of equipment
  • Create tools and components that were not possible before
  • Make new products using existing processing machinery
  • Eliminate costly assemblies by combining parts.



  • Fill out our Quick Quote Form  to begin a project
  • We conduct a simple audit with you to determine the right fit.
  • We reverse engineer parts & create digital files that you own
  • We prototype, provide testing and certify the parts as required
  • Manufacturing, inventory and re-orders are handled locally by us
  • We provide future repairs, updates, upgrades and recommendations
  • Not sure if this process is right for you? Contact Us for a free consultation.


If you:

  • Need replacement parts
  • Are putting off a repair or upgrade
  • Want to create custom parts or tooling
  • Need to source a currently obsolete part
  • Need to meet new regulatory requirements
  • Have foreign machinery and no local support
  • Need to re-create an off-the-shelf part that is discontinued or hard to find
  • Are experiencing high-wear, or premature failure of replacement parts
  • Want to extend the life of your older machinery
  • Need to make a new product and don't have the tooling Call Us today; you may be an ideal candidate.



Case Study

 RapidMade has saved the Oregon Department of Corrections hundreds of thousands of dollars in door retrofits. 

RapidMade has saved manufacturers, processors and users of machinery hundreds of thousands of dollars in retrofits, maintanence and specialty parts and tooling costs.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are in the business of selling new machines with the latest technology but as the machines age, obsolescence, changes in operating needs and lack of support can cause major problems for end users. Often, this can happen soon after you have made the large investment in capital equipment when you realize the maintenance and operating costs can break your bottom line.

At RapidMade, we can give you back the control you need of your machinery and your bottom line. Our team of dedicated engineers can reverse engineer and re-create critical wear parts and tooling so you reap the benefit of having a local low cost source for these items.

Next, we create a digital library from which you can order parts on demand with lead times as little as two days and quantities as few as a single part, saving your inventory, shipping and storage costs.

If you have under-performing parts and tools, or simply think “there must be a better way”, we can redesign your critical parts to improve performance by eliminating flaws in the original design, using new materials and modern manufacturing techniques.

Our 60 years of experience has already been applied in other industries to improve the performance of thousands of parts.  Contact us today to get started. 


Industries and applications where we have experience:

- Aviation & Aerospace

- Food & Pharmaceuticals

- Industrial Automation

- Machinery

- Manufacturing

- Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

- Medical Devices

- Packaging & Containers