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Gain Control of Your Replacement Parts Costs!

  • Stop paying outrageous markups to OEMs for current and discontinued parts.

  • Create your own digital parts library and order parts on demand for less.

  • Re-engineer your parts to last longer and perform better.

 RapidMade has saved the Oregon Department of Corrections hundreds of thousands of dollars in  door retrofits.

RapidMade has saved the Oregon Department of Corrections hundreds of thousands of dollars in  door retrofits.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are in the business of supporting their machines, but once you have made the large investment in capital equipment, they often take advantage of their leverage by selling spare parts at markups as high as 10 to 15 times what it costs. Worse yet, they often have incentives for planned obsolescence before the end of the machine's life, so they can force you to buy a new one

At RapidMade, we can give you control of your inventory by reverse engineering OEM parts into a digital library from which you can order parts on demand with lead times as little as two days and quantities as few as a single part.

Our team of dedicated engineers can redesign your critical parts to improve performance by eliminating flaws in the original design, using new materials and modern manufacturing techniques. 

Our 60 years of experience has already been applied in other industries to improve the performance of thousands of parts.  Contact us today to get started. 

RapidMade Digital Part Library Advantages:

  • Reduce inventory requirements with on-demand parts.
  • Easily reorder from Digital inventory library.
  • Receive shipments in as little as one to two days and quantities as low as one part.
  • Access hundreds of materials and manufacturing options.
  • Pay less for parts than from OEMs.
  • Trust our experience to replicate your parts exactly.
  • Use our engineering expertise to modify your generic parts to best fit your exact needs.
  • Own your designs so you can change them wherever you want!

How it Works:

  • Fill out our Quick Quote and send us as much information about the parts you are trying to replicate as possible.
  • RapidMade will estimate the costs of reverse engineering (starting at $185 per part - as little as $85 per part when ordered in lots) and manufacturing.
  • Once the estimate is accepted, send us your parts. If you'd like any custom design changes, we can take care of that in this step.
  • We send you a prototype for approval of form and function before we produce anything to ensure you get exactly what you need.
  • Once approved, we make them and ship them to your on your schedule.
  • Have lots of parts? No problem, let us know that on the Quick Quote and we will work with you to get the best pricing possible.