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·  High Resolution

·  Mechanical Strength

·  Create low volume products with complex design and geometrical configurations.

·  The size of the prototyped part can be small and detailed, or large and detailed.

·  Lots of finish options. With SLA you have a variety of different finish options which means you can create a prototype that is very close to the            finished product.

·  Has a lot of different options when it comes to material. This is one of the big upsides to SLA printing

SLA Design Guidelines

Please note that these are are GUIDELINES, not hard and fast rules. Follow these and you should be in pretty good shape, but we'll let you know if we see any problems.

Parameter Inches Milimeters
Min Supported Wall Thickness 0.030 0.75
Min Unsupported Wall Thickness 0.040 1.00
Min Supported Bosses 0.030 0.75
Min Unsupported Bosses 0.040 1.00
Min Embossed Detail (Height and Width) 0.010 0.25
Min Engraved Detail (Height and Width) 0.010 0.25
Clearance 0.010 0.25

Standard Material Properties

Visijet Impact SLA Resin

Property Value Units
Density 1.18 g/cm3
Tensile Strength 48/td> MPa
Tensile Modulus 2626 MPa
Elongation at Break 14 %
Flexural Strength 74 MPa
Flexural Modulus 2390 MPa
Impact Strength (Notched Izod) 65 J/m
HDT @ 0.45 MPa 47 °C
HDT @ 1.82 MPa 42 °C
Hardness 80 Shore D
Glass Transition (Tg) 65 °C