3D Printing and Manufacturing Services

Utilizing cutting-edge technology to rapidly engineer, prototype, and manufacture custom products.

Manufacturing Services

From engineering and design to manufacturing and rapid delivery. We empower your business with instant online quoting and ordering.

3D Printers, Manufacturing Equipment, and Software Distribution

We offer several lines of heavy manufacturing equipment, including metal and plastic 3D printers, specialty manufacturing equipment, collabortative robots, MFG support software and more!

Industries We Serve

We have custom manufacturing solutions for every type of industry. We provide on-demand manufacturing for businesses around the world.


Simplify your supply chain and speed up prototyping, parts supply, and custom assembly.


Utilize anti-static materials in custom electronic parts and assemblies.


Custom tooling and rapid prototyping. Quick production for repair or replacement.


Custom prototyping, manufacturing, and finishing processes for unique applications.


Rapid manufacturing for medical devices, surgical, and diagnostic equipment providers.


Scale your manufacturing and innovate faster with rapid prototyping and critical flexibility.

Our Rapid Manufacturing Process


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Get started with your project today by requesting a quote or giving us a call. We even offer instant 3D printing quotes for our most popular 3D printing services.


With our in-house engineering and product design services, we can work with your team to ensure product viability and successful production and finishing.


RapidMade uses the latest technologies and materials to help you supercharge your product development cycles with our rapid prototyping and manufacturing services.
Portland 3D Printing

Made in the USA

We provide all engineering, design, and product manufacturing services at our location in Portland, OR. Our team is large enough to handle complex and fast-production orders but small enough to maintain a customer and quality-focused approach.

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