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3D Printing Art History

3d printing art history

A large format 3D printed reproduction of a Syrian Funerary Relief Bust manufactured by RapidMade This Fall, RapidMade worked with the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk, Virginia to help them create high-quality 3D printed reproductions of a number of works from the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art. The pieces were created as part of the museum’s […]

Display Your Way to Generate More Business

Display Your Way to Generate More Business

Capture your customers’ imagination with creative, one-of-a-kind displays and models. Pump cutaway model shows off internal components of Cornell Pumps Marketing Get your products in front of customers where it would otherwise be difficult or impossible. Customize marketing materials with logos and designs. Infinite customization to achieve the exact effects you desire. Get concept models in […]

NAS Pax River Event Features Mobile 3D Printing to Promote STEAM

Mobile 3d printing

NAWCAD’s FabLab will be open to visitors at Technology and Arts Expo ( – photo credit) We were living in Maryland just when interest in 3D printing was being fueled by technological breakthroughs and extensive media hype.  A consortium of additive manufacturing advocates there preached its potential to accelerate business development if educators insured a […]

Industrial Design Debuts at RapidMade

3D Industrial Design

Stag Concept Sketch The popularity of Industrial Design, also known as Product Design, has accelerated due, in part, to a new wave of designers and advances in technology, materials, processes, and capabilities which has dramatically improved the design options available to clients. Working closely with Engineers, Industrial Designers are trained on function, aesthetics, ergonomics, anthropometrics, […]

3D Printing Great Tool for Displays, Exhibits and Promotions

3D Model

Development model shown to Portland city council for project approval. Capture the imagination of your Customers and Patrons with Unique Displays: Architecture Turn around in as little as 24 hours means more time to perfect your designs. Embedded textures lets you simulate the colors of building materials like brick, stone and wood. Small features lets you […]

OMDOG Performance Canine Headgear Lets Your Dog Ride Safely in Style

dog headgear

RapidMade gets to work on many cool new product ideas.  Given our love of dogs – we have a dog-friendly workplace, this project has been a favorite… “OMDOG performance canine headgear started as a simple idea — to build a custom helmet for Charlie the Dog, who rides around Portland, Oregon in a cargo bicycle. When […]

Cambridge University “Makes No Bones” about Using 3D Printing to Recreate Replicas

3D Printed Replicas

We’ve written before about using 3D printing to create artwork and artifacts.  These stories are especially interesting to us given that RapidMade has been privileged to 3D print both originals and replicas.  And apparently we are in good company… In another brilliant example of this approach, Cambridge University is 3D scanning and printing reproductions of Ox bones.  During the Shang Dynasty in China, […]

UCLA “Cements” Its Reputation Using 3D Printing to Capture CO2

RapidMade 3D Printing and Manufacturing

We’ve blogged before about ventures that have involved 3D printing houses.  Now, UCLA researchers are working on a 3D printing process that allows them to reuse captive carbon dioxide as an ingredient in cement.  They call their revolutionary material CO2NCRETE. Now that they’ve identified a process that works, the team is thinking about how to scale up and […]

3D Printed Iceman Heats Up Museum Display

3D Printed Iceman

One popular application of 3D printing is creating exact reproductions of antiquities.  As is often the case, museums want to display artifacts but face challenges making priceless objects available to the public.  The latest example of this technique is the recreation of the Iceman.   Ötzi – the Iceman, the oldest European mummy, was replicated by Additive Manufacturing. Two […]

Researchers at Wake Forest 3D Print Ear, Bone and Muscle Structures

RapidMade 3D Printing and Manufacturing

The prospect of medical teams being able to print replacement body parts is exciting.  As someone who has experienced reconstructive surgery, the idea that surgeons can perfectly recreate an exact match brings great hope.  Patients would no longer have to rely on artistry and good fortune – or repeated surgeries – to obtain symmetrical, life-like […]