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Display Your Way to Generate More Business

Display Your Way to Generate More Business

Capture your customers’ imagination with creative, one-of-a-kind displays and models. Pump cutaway model shows off internal components of Cornell Pumps Marketing Get your products in front of customers where it would otherwise be difficult or impossible. Customize marketing materials with logos and designs. Infinite customization to achieve the exact effects you desire. Get concept models in […]

Dragons Return to Merry Ole England, Thanks to 3D Printing

Dragons Return to Merry Ole England

A favorite perk of living in England was access to some of the greatest landmarks on earth.  One such treasure was a mere 20-minute train ride away.  Kew Gardens in Richmond is home to the Great Pagoda “commissioned in 1761 during the reign of King George III… the striking 163-foot structure with its ornate and […]

3D Printing Great Tool for Displays, Exhibits and Promotions

3D Model

Development model shown to Portland city council for project approval. Capture the imagination of your Customers and Patrons with Unique Displays: Architecture Turn around in as little as 24 hours means more time to perfect your designs. Embedded textures lets you simulate the colors of building materials like brick, stone and wood. Small features lets you […]

OMDOG Performance Canine Headgear Lets Your Dog Ride Safely in Style

dog headgear

RapidMade gets to work on many cool new product ideas.  Given our love of dogs – we have a dog-friendly workplace, this project has been a favorite… “OMDOG performance canine headgear started as a simple idea — to build a custom helmet for Charlie the Dog, who rides around Portland, Oregon in a cargo bicycle. When […]

3D Scanning Works as High Tech Insurance Policy

3D Scanning

Photo Credit: Joe Shearer/The Daily Nonpareil via AP Iowans have 3D scanned the historic Dark Angel Statue in Council Bluff, IA in an effort to preserve this piece of art. The statue, officially a memorial to the wife of a local Civil War general, is 96 years old and was sculpted by Daniel Chester French, who is […]

Artist Uses 3D Printing to Preserve Antiquities Lost to ISIS

3D Printed Art

We’ve posted before about artists using 3D Scanning and Printing to recreate antiquities damaged by ISIS and to digitally catalog priceless exhibits.  Another effort is being undertaken by an Iranian artist in Mosul, Iraq. Morrehshin Allhyari is working on an exhibition of 3D printed replicas of artifacts destroyed at the Nineveh Museum in Mosul, Iraq by ISIS. Taking images […]

RapidMade Expands Services Offered

RapidMade Services

RapidMade’s services now include: Product Design and Engineering Simple static part design to fully automated mechanical and electrical equipment Design for prototyping and manufacture In-house prototyping capabilities for faster iterations and overnight customer feedback 2D and 3D drawings, tolerance and other manufacturing specifications, technology transfer and patent application documentation, equipment manuals, FDA and other compliance as […]

3D Scanning Insures Access to Critical Spare Parts

3D Scanning for Spare Parts

Today, it is too easy for firms to become dangerously dependent upon their suppliers.  Imagine that a key distributor goes out of business or a critical supplier stops making spare parts. What happens when your supplier has your tooling, and you need to modify it?  When your machine breaks down, and you need to replace […]

Mouth Scanned for Same-Day Crown

RapidMade 3D Printing and Manufacturing

Recently, I broke yet another tooth which required – of course – another crown.  But this time was different.  Today, after my dentist did the standard tooth preparation, a licensed technician scanned my tooth using a hand-held 3D scanner and then downloaded the CAD file onto the computer right next to my chair.  I got […]

3D Printing Lets Visitors Enjoy Ancient Ruins Without Ruining Them

3D Printed Modeling

Image Credit: Weeks before the Egyptian Revolution, I had the opportunity of a lifetime to visit Cairo.  When I visited the pyramids, I was shocked to see so many people climbing all over them.  I had imagined we wouldn’t be allowed to touch, let alone scale, something so ancient and valuable.   Such access has […]