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How to Use RapidMade’s 3D Printing Instant Quote Tool

Commercial 3D Printing

Instantly Order the Best Quality 3D Printed Parts in 6 EASY Steps!   1. Visit – Click “SIGN IN” and “Create an account.” Enter your information to create an account. 2. Select the “Get Started!” button. 3. Drag and Drop your CAD file or click “BROWSE FILES” – for a full list of acceptable […]

HP Multi Jet Fusion – Tips for Designing 3D Parts

Tips for designing 3d Parts using HP's multi jet fusion

The 3D printing market is a rapidly growing industry. In fact, the market size of 3D printed products and services is estimated to reach $40.8 billion globally by 2024, more than double the current projected estimate of $19 billion for 2020. With such high growth potential, businesses in the 3D printing industry need to learn […]

RapidMade Develops Techniques to Strengthen 3D Printed Nylon Parts with Reinforced Fibers

CF Part

Carbon-fiber-reinforced 3D Printed Nylon Part   RapidMade recently completed research on investigating a solution to produce custom agricultural parts from 3D printed nylon reinforced with fibers in epoxy polymers. The work was completed with Oregon State University and was funded with an SBIR grant from the USDA. Additive manufacturing reduces the cost and lead time […]

Multi Jet Fusion Rubber Printing Is Here

rubber 3d print

3D printed rubber just got a major upgrade with the addition of durable, rubber-like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to the Multi Jet Fusion’s roster of materials. Now you can print strong, detailed and affordable rubber parts in a fraction of the time and cost of other 3D printing technologies like FDM and SLS. With its high […]

Increased 3D Printing Capacity Is Here

Drone wing

Three years ago, the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer redefined additive manufacturing. While 3D printing has always been a great technology for rapid prototyping and product development, MJF made it possible to 3D print small- to medium-sized production runs of high-quality, industrial-grade nylon parts for the first time ever. We immediately saw the value […]

Design for Additive Manufacturing Workshop with HP and RapidMade

HP and RapidMade

Learn how innovative design and HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing can improve part quality, reduce costs, and speed up production. Where: RapidMade | 15883 SW 72nd Ave, Tigard, OR 97224 When: Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 | 9AM – 4PM Additive manufacturing is rewriting the rulebook for product design, which is why RapidMade is teaming up with HP for a free […]

HP Jet Fusion: Have it All – Better, Stronger, Faster, Cheaper Prints

3D Printed Nylon Parts

Life is often filled with compromises.  If you want something faster, you have to pay more or settle for less.  If you don’t want to pay a premium, then you have to wait or compromise on quality.  Not any more… The HP Jet Fusion’s cutting-edge technology allows us to provide: Superior surface finish, feature detail and mechanical […]

K9 Helm Shields Hard-Working Dogs from Serious Injuries

RapidMade 3D Printing and Manufacturing RapidMade often has the privilege of working with some extremely innovative designers and entrepreneurs.  We love collaborating with clients to fast track their ideas from conception to production. We never tire of seeing revolutionary products being 3D printed!  One of our favorites is K9 Helm whose Trident helmets safeguard dogs committed to serve and protect others…  […]

RapidMade Announces HP Multi Jet Fusion Services

HP Multi Jet Fusion Oregon

In honor of National Manufacturing Day 2017, RapidMade demonstrates commitment to continuously invest in technology, training and increase our knowledge of advanced manufacturing techniques. October 5, 2017: RapidMade announced today it is offering services based on HP’s award- winning Multi Jet Fusion technology. Based in Portland, Oregon, RapidMade offers customers expertise on materials, engineering and […]