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French Motorcycle Manufacturers Create Innovative Mini Bike with 3D Printed Metal

French Motorcycle Manufacturers Create Innovative Mini Bike with 3D Printed Metal

Last week, reported a 3D printing success story about VIBA, a French motorcycle manufacturer. VIBA wanted to make a limited-edition mini bike in homage to the iconic Honda Monkey, which they decided to call “Jane.” The team faced one problem, however; they wanted to make the Jane in a run of just 23 bikes. […]

RapidMade Expands Services Offered

RapidMade Services

RapidMade’s services now include: Product Design and Engineering Simple static part design to fully automated mechanical and electrical equipment Design for prototyping and manufacture In-house prototyping capabilities for faster iterations and overnight customer feedback 2D and 3D drawings, tolerance and other manufacturing specifications, technology transfer and patent application documentation, equipment manuals, FDA and other compliance as […]

Inconel Alloy 625 Now Available for 3D Printing

RapidMade 3D Printing and Manufacturing

Inconel 625, a nickel-based alloy is said to be the first single metal alloy for 3D printing industrial applications at greater than 99 per cent density according to ExOne which creates the metal using its binder jetting technology. Inconel 625 is commonly used for components in the aerospace, chemical and energy sectors, with applications including […]

Save Thousands and Make a Splash at Tradeshows!

3D Printed Tradeshow

Exhibiting at tradeshows, while rewarding, can be very expensive and stressful:  transporting and staging large equipment can consume a large portion of a company’s marketing budget.  But it doesn’t have to.  Using 3D printing techniques, firms can get to-scale, full-color prototypes and models of their equipment that can easily be carried and displayed on site.  […]

Hemmerling and Ulrich’s 3D Printed Chair Debuts in Milan

3D Printed Furniture

Design Boom recently featured the work of German Designers Marco Hemmerling and Ulrich Nether. The pair used 3D printing to create their Generico Chair which is currently on display in Milan.  Instead of simply designing an elegant piece of furniture, additive manufacturing techniques allowed them to optimize both product function and production efficiency by evaluating structural, […]

4D Printing

RapidMade 3D Printing and Manufacturing

Advances in 3D Additive Manufacturing technologies are far too often attributed to advances in the actual 3D printers themselves, but the machines are only 1/3 of the equation. Often times new, innovative materials and software can have an even more profound impact on available products in the industry, or in this case, any industry. The […]

Eight Common Rapid Prototyping Mistakes

rapid prototyping company

The good folks at Malco Design created this fantastic white paper about the common pitfalls people experience when making rapid prototypes. The eight examples are really important to understand so that expectations and decision making can result in an optimal prototype tailored to the customer’s needs. They are: 1. Poor communication/coordination between designer and prototyper – There […]

3D Printed Casts

hand 3d

The technique is antiquated and could use a little something of a shake up thanks to new technology. Setting castings in plaster is centuries old and has a variety of uncomfortable problems. Scanning and imaging of the body are common place in the medical field in order to diagnose injuries and illnesses, but the ability […]

6 Axis Extrusion Printing

RapidMade 3D Printing and Manufacturing

Be warned, for this is only a prototype, although a cool one at that. Unlike your home Makrbot, or even industrial level Fused Deposition Modelling machines made by Stratasys, this 6 Axis(!) extrusion printer prototype can extrude far more than layers. Capable of printing directly on a curved object or making multi-directional print lines, this […]