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Cast Silicone Medical Device Saves Oreo the Goat

This Spring, RapidMade teamed up with New York-based nonprofit Woodstock Farm Sanctuary for a special project to help a goat named Oreo deal with a unique medical condition. As reported by the Shawangunk Journal, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary rescued Oreo from a petting zoo in 2015 where she had been neglected. After three happy years at […]

RapidMade Announces HP Multi Jet Fusion Services

HP Multi Jet Fusion Oregon

In honor of National Manufacturing Day 2017, RapidMade demonstrates commitment to continuously invest in technology, training and increase our knowledge of advanced manufacturing techniques. October 5, 2017: RapidMade announced today it is offering services based on HP’s award- winning Multi Jet Fusion technology. Based in Portland, Oregon, RapidMade offers customers expertise on materials, engineering and […]

Rapid Thermoformed Trays – Applying 3D and 2D Printing Technology to Create Unique Solutions

Thermoformed Medical Trays

Rapid Thermoformed Trays – Applying 3D and 2D Printing Technology to Create Unique Solutions A RapidMade White Paper By: Marriah Pilcher The cost advantages and creative applications of thermoforming, or vacuum forming as it is also known, are accelerating its use in multiple industries including manufacturing and medicine.  Recently, in a new study on medical trays, […]

Hometown Pittsburgh’s High-Tech Make Over…

RapidMade 3D Printing and Manufacturing

Growing up in Pittsburgh, if you weren’t directly connected to the Steel industry, you complained about the rotten egg smell and pollution.  But when the industrial giants went silent in the 70s and 80s, the complaints shifted dramatically to the economic tragedy that was unfolding – the flight of life-long residents and well-paying jobs.   […]

Now Get Nylon Parts Faster

3D Printed Nylon Parts

FASTER NYLON PARTS – A New Age for 3D Printing A RAPIDMADE WHITE PAPER By Mark Eaton Getting parts on demand has been a manufacturer’s dream for many years. Since 2005, see M. Park, UNSW article, there have been cries from the 3D printing industry that additive technology would replace the need for injection mold tooling, […]

Patients May Get Lucky “Break” with 3D Printed Plates Thanks to FDA Approval

3D Printed Medical Plates

My standard-issue wrist plate may soon be a thing of the past… When I shattered my wrist in 2014, the surgeon pieced together the fragments using a standard-issue, low-tech wrist plate and permanently screwed it into place.  Now, with the recent FDA approval of Additive Orthoapedics’ 3D printed Locking Lattice Plating System, patients may soon have […]

Now You Can Scratch That Itch Using a 3D Printed Cast

3d printed cast wrist

My traditional cast for my broken right wrist.   I am now 3 weeks into my cast-restricted convalescence.  And yes, it is as annoying, smelly and uncomfortable as everyone says.  So when my accident occurred (a large dog was desperate to greet Luke and I was in its way), I toyed with getting our team to […]

Research Study Demonstrates Benefits of 3D Printing in Surgical Outcomes

3d printed surgical models

Study confirms value of 3D printed models in planning wrist surgeries If you read our blog, you know that we are especially interested in the medical applications of 3D printing.  I’ve written a few times about its adoption in surgery planning.  Now a recent published study conducted by Italian surgeon Dr. Nicola Bizzoto quantifies three advantages of 3D […]

Researchers at Wake Forest 3D Print Ear, Bone and Muscle Structures

RapidMade 3D Printing and Manufacturing

The prospect of medical teams being able to print replacement body parts is exciting.  As someone who has experienced reconstructive surgery, the idea that surgeons can perfectly recreate an exact match brings great hope.  Patients would no longer have to rely on artistry and good fortune – or repeated surgeries – to obtain symmetrical, life-like […]

RapidMade Expands Services Offered

RapidMade Services

RapidMade’s services now include: Product Design and Engineering Simple static part design to fully automated mechanical and electrical equipment Design for prototyping and manufacture In-house prototyping capabilities for faster iterations and overnight customer feedback 2D and 3D drawings, tolerance and other manufacturing specifications, technology transfer and patent application documentation, equipment manuals, FDA and other compliance as […]