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AM Forward Initiative Drives the Adoption of 3D Printing

AM Forward 3D Printing

From prototyping to industrial-strength parts and products, additive manufacturing (AM) offers an innovative solution for accelerating production timelines and keeping costs low amid rising inflation and supply shortages.   Now, a new government initiative, the AM Forward program, is helping drive widespread adoption of 3D printing technology – a feat that will benefit countless businesses across […]

Now Hiring: Finisher/Shop Technician

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Now Hiring: Production Shop Technician Please send resume and cover letter to if interested! Job Description: Learn in-demand production skills and be a part of an advanced manufacturing team!  RapidMade, a 3D printing, traditional manufacturing and engineering services firm located in Tigard, has an opening for a Finisher/Shop Technician. The starting wage is $18 […]

3D Printing for Rapid Prototypes

3D Printing bulb

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing is a great way to get projects off of paper, and get your design ready and first to market. Increasingly convenient and efficient methods for producing the iterations of your product design are available. If you’re considering using rapid prototyping for your next design or project, there are a few […]

4 CNC Machining Trends Shaping The Industry

Portland CNC Machining Machine Shop

As technology surrounding CNC machining continues to evolve, so do the applications and benefits it offers to the manufacturing sector. Between the increasingly mainstream use of smart technology and changing consumer behaviors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies in the manufacturing space are looking for solutions that can provide flexibility and improve productivity while reducing […]

Press Release: Celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary

RapidMade Logo

Portland-Based Company, RapidMade, Celebrates 10 -Year Anniversary – Expands Its Additive and Traditional Manufacturing Capabilities The expansion is the latest in a series of significant company milestones for RapidMade, serving as a testament to their mission to deliver innovative and personalized solutions. [PORTLAND, OREGON, September 1, 2021] – Full-spectrum 3D Printing, thermoforming, and manufacturing services […]

Sustainable Manufacturing and Its Impact on 3D Printing

Sustainable Manufacturing

Over the years, both business and consumer mindset has evolved – shifting towards practices and decisions that are more environmentally-conscious. From swapping plastic straws for paper ones to reducing waste, sustainable and eco-friendly operations are on the rise across industries – especially within the manufacturing space.  Sustainable manufacturing is the process of creating manufactured goods […]

How 3D Printing for UAVs Will Pave the Way For the Future

3D Printing for UAV Drone Parts

Since the 50s, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have undergone a tremendous evolution. Traditionally, UAVs served as an effective resource for the military, helping soldiers carry out their missions on the battlefield. Their presence was crucial for reducing casualties and shielding troops against enemy fire.  While UAVs started out exclusively purposed for military applications, they’re now […]

Elastomer 3D Printing with TPU

TPU rubber 3d printing

3D printing is not just for stiff, rigid parts. 3D printing flexible parts can be useful for an array of items. Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU is the most commonly used material for the purposes of 3D printing flexible parts. TPU 3D printing makes elastomeric parts possible whereas ABS, PLA, or nylon are rigid plastics. TPU […]

Rapid Prototyping – for the Speed of Business

Rapid Prototyping

The world has gotten used to a breakneck pace on all things – delivery of the news, communication, and technology advancements. Similarly, so has the expectation for the design and manufacturing processes to occur at a faster rate in recent years, particularly if you want to secure a competitive advantage in your industry. Consumer tastes […]

3D Printing in the Automotive Industry

3D Printed Car Parts

Cars have come a long way since the first modern automobile was created in 1886. Since then, cars have transformed, donned many different colors, and now have more electronic bells and whistles than the computer that sent a man to the moon. In 2021, what more is there to do with the car other than […]