Manual and CNC Machining with RapidMade

specialty machining injection mold

With superb precision and mechanical properties, machining is an excellent method for manufacturing complex tooling, long-lasting parts or high-quality prototypes.

RapidMade offers expert manual and CNC machining services for a wide range of metals and plastics, as well as other materials like wood and composites. Our prototyping services have no order minimums, and we are able to expedite manufacturing for time-sensitive projects.

If your production requires fine details and tight tolerances delivered with top-notch accuracy and industrial strength, machining may be the right technology for you.

Get a Customized Quote in 24 Hours or Less

Request a quote with our Quick Quote tool or by giving us a call. A RapidMade engineer will review your design and send you a price in 24 hours or less. Machined products typically typically ship in 1-2 weeks for small orders and 3-6 weeks for larger runs.

A Material Difference

Machining is compatible with an extensive range of materials, from plastic and metal to wood and composites. RapidMade offers multiple grades of steel, stainless steel and aluminum, as well as specialty metals like titanium, inconel and tool steel. Machinable plastics include ABS, acetal, acrylic, urethane, HDPE, UHMW, PEEK and many more.

With so many material options available, machined products can meet just about any mechanical or aesthetic requirements your project may have.

machined plastic acetal polymer

Machining vs. 3D Printing

When working with metals, machining is almost always preferable to printed metal. It offers a wider range of materials, better finishing and is generally less than a quarter of the price. It is also an excellent solution for complex tooling like injection molds.

Plastics are a bit more complicated. Machined plastic is typically more expensive, requires longer lead times and has more design limitations than 3D printing, especially compared to the HP Multi Jet Fusion. However, machining works with a larger variety of plastics than 3D printing. If the material you need is not printable, machining is an excellent alternative.

Machining Services

milling cnc aluminum steel


  • Up to 7-axis robotic arm milling

  • 105" maximum vertical milling

  • Manual milling, drilling and tapping available

cnc turning steel aluminum


  • Rapid feed and live tooling

  • Up to 77" diameter by 120" length with 30" swing

  • Up to 36" deep bores with 6" diameter

  • Manual turning available

cnc routing plastic wood aluminum


  • 120" x 60" x 2" working area

  • 2D and 3D tool paths

  • Able to stack milled sections to produce large-scale pieces


Specialty Services

We also offer a variety of specialty machining services, including:

  • Waterjet and laser cutting

  • Complex tooling

  • Conventional and wire electrical discharge machining (EDM)

  • Brake forming for presses

  • Welding and assembly

  • Custom finishing services