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Preferred CAD Filetypes

CAD files are the best way to send us your design. This list shows our favorite file types in order of preference. If your file type does not appear below, we can probably still work with it. If you do not have a CAD file, you may be interested in our product design and engineering services.

Engineering and Design

  1. STEP (.STP, .STEP)

  2. IGES (.IGS, .IGES)

  3. Parasolid (.X_B, .X_T)

  4. AutoCAD (.DXF, .DWG)

  5. SolidWorks (.SLDPRT, .SLDASM, .SLDDRW)

  6. Inventor (.IPT, .IAM)

Standard 3D Printing

  1. Stereolithography (.STL)

  2. Wavefront (.OBJ)

  3. Polygon File Format (.PLY)

  4. AutoCAD (3D .DXF, 3D .DWG)

  5. Rhino (.3DM)

  6. SketchUp (.SKP)*

*While we can use SketchUp files, extra engineering fees may apply to convert them into usable geometry.

Color 3D Printing

  1. ZCorp (.ZPR)

  2. Wavefront (.OBJ—must include MTL file and texture maps)

  3. Filmbox (.FBX)

  4. Autodesk (.3DS)

  5. Polygon File Format (.PLY)

  6. Rhino (.3DM)

  7. Virtual Reality Modeling Language (.WRL)