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Parts larger than a given printer’s bed size will need to be bonded together from multiple components. Hollow parts will need to include outlet holes to let out support material.

Orders over $5,000 in Jet Fusion and $1,500 in other processes may have lead times beyond 5 business days. Custom lead times will be communicated at time of order.

Instant Quote 3D Printing Options

HP Multi Jet Fusion | General Purpose

MJF Data Sheet

  • The best all-around technology for most applications
  • Fast, strong and inexpensive
  • Relatively high detail and finish quality
  • Good for functional prototypes, industrial-strength parts, and initial production runs
Minimum wall thickness: 0.020"
Accuracy: +/-0.012” or +/-0.2%, whichever is greater
Resolution: 0.003"
Build bed size: 15" x 11.2" x 15"

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) | High Accuracy

FDM Data Sheets

  • Versatile option for functional parts and prototypes
  • Highest accuracy
  • Lowest resolution finish
  • Largest number of material options available
Minimum wall thickness: 0.020"
Accuracy: +/-0.010"
Resolution: 0.010" or 0.007" (hi-res mode)
Build bed size: 10” x 10" x 12"

ColorJet | Full Color

ColorJet Data Sheet

  • Full spectrum of colors available with no additional finishing required
  • Ideal for full-color models, displays and aesthetic prototypes
  • Sandstone finish
Minimum wall thickness: 0.080"
Accuracy: +/-0.012” or +/-0.2%, whichever is greater
Resolution: 0.004"
Build bed size: 15" x 10" x 8"

PolyJet | High Resolution

PolyJet Data Sheet

  • Excellent fine detail and surface finish
  • Smooth white acrylic
  • Great for producing detailed prototypes, models and patterns
Minimum wall thickness: 0.060"
Accuracy: +/-0.012” or +/-0.2%, whichever is greater
Resolution: 0.002"
Build bed size: 11.5" x 7.5" x 5.8"

Direct Metal | Metal Printed Parts and Prototypes

Direct Metal Data Sheet

  • Strong 60% steel 40% bronze material
  • Medium-quality detail and finish
  • Good choice for prototypes or very small runs of metal parts
Minimum wall thickness: 0.040”
Accuracy: +/-5%
Resolution: 0.004”
Build bed size: 30” x 15.4” x 15.4”