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Personal Attention

At RapidMade, we are passionate about helping our customers succeed. That’s why our engineers review the specifics of every project to ensure that we always find the right technology for your needs.

If you are not sure about any of the answers in the submission form, check out our 5-Minute Buyer’s Guide or 3D Printing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information. Please feel free to contact us at 503-943-2781 or with any other questions or to report any issues with our submission form.

Low Minimum Orders*

  • Multi Jet Fusion, PolyJet, ColorJet and FDM processes start at $150.

  • Other manufacturing processes start at $250.

  • 3D Scans start at $195.

  • Design services start at $100 per hour.

* Unit prices can be substantially lower, but the total order must be at least equal to the listed minimum.