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Rapid Prototyping with 3D Printing

In our modern business landscape with ever-tightening deadlines, RapidMade’s plastic and metal rapid prototyping services allow your business to take designs through more iterations faster and at less cost than ever before.

Whether you have a CAD drawing, a sketch or just an idea, we’ll develop the right prototype manufacturing solution for your business. Once we have your design, we’ll ship your fully-functional 3D printed prototypes in as little as one day.

If you need a new design from the ground up, you may be interested in our product design and engineering services.

3D Printing Prototype Services

We work with a range of 3D printed prototypes—including HP Multi Jet Fusion, FDM, SLS, and direct metal printing—to produce your designs in plastic, metal or composite. We also use 3D printed tooling and molds to quickly create vacuum thermoforming prototypes, urethane casting prototypes and more.

3D printed prototypes are durable, detailed and inexpensive, able to test function as well as form. Because of their excellent resolution on fine detail, they are also a reliable alternative for prototyping traditional manufacturing technologies like injection molding and machining.

Prototype Manufacturing

Whatever the scale of your project, we can help you test your designs. We are experts at working with small budgets and are able to quickly iterate revisions or make several designs at once.

In addition to our 3D printing prototype services, we also perform expedited prototype machining or injection molding to get your production up and running as fast as possible.

Full-Scale Production with Ease

Once your prototype is complete, you can seamlessly move your project into production with our full suite of in-house manufacturing services, saving you time and expense. Since we’ll already have your CAD design ready to go, full-scale production runs are as easy as placing your order.

Comprehensive Plastic Prototyping Solutions at RapidMade

High-Resolution Photopolymer Resins via Stereolithography (SLA)

At RapidMade, we harness the precision of Stereolithography (SLA) for your designs, achieving unmatched detail and surface finish. SLA cures photopolymer resins with ultraviolet light, creating parts with exceptional resolution. Ideal for prototypes demanding aesthetic and functional precision, our high-resolution resins boast enhanced strength, durability, and thermal stability, suitable for various demanding applications. SLA offers a wide range of material options which simulate many thermoplastics. This includes rigid acrylics in black white and clear as well as a 60A elastomer and an ABS-like black resin.

Production Grade Thermoplastics via Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)

Our MJF technology produces functionally robust functional parts. MJF creates homogenous, isotropic parts, ideal for industrial environments. We offer Nylon 12 and TPU, which are durable and flexible as well as have great heat and chemical properties and are FDA rated for medical devices and long term skin contact. Nylon 12 offers excellent mechanical properties, perfect for complex assemblies. TPU, with its flexibility, is ideal for applications requiring shock absorption. Engineers love prototyping in MJF because they know that when they are ready for short to medium scale production runs they do not even need to change to a different manufacturing method – they can print in MJF at scale. This eliminates the need for costly and time consuming DFM (Design for Manufacture.)

Versatile Thermoplastics via Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

FDM is the most versatile process, we offer a range of thermoplastics like ABS, PC, and Ultem. ABS is known for its toughness and impact resistance, making it a popular choice for functional prototypes and manufacturing tools. PC (Polycarbonate) is valued for its heat resistance and mechanical strength, suited for automotive and industrial components. Ultem stands out in advanced engineering applications, especially in aerospace and medical industries, due to its exceptional thermal and chemical resistance.

Precision Plastic Prototyping via CNC Machining

When 3D printing can’t meet specific material or accuracy requirements, our 3- and 5-axis CNC machining services provide an ideal solution. This method allows for the creation of prototypes from a wide range of plastics, ensuring adherence to stringent material and precision standards. While offering greater versatility in material selection and higher accuracy, CNC machining typically involves longer lead times and higher costs compared to 3D printing methods. This makes it a valuable option for projects where precision and material properties are paramount. Materials like ABS and polycarbonate are commonly used for their durability and versatility, while advanced plastics such as PEEK and Nylon are chosen for their superior mechanical and thermal properties, making them ideal for more demanding applications in industries like aerospace, automotive, and healthcare.

Comprehensive Metal Prototyping Solutions at RapidMade

Advanced Metal 3D Printing via Binderjet (BJT)

At RapidMade, we’re pushing the boundaries of prototyping with our metal 3D printing capabilities, utilizing binderjet technology. This innovative process allows us to create prototypes in real stainless steel, including grades like 316 and 17-4, at a significantly lower cost compared to traditional methods, even with quantities as low as a single unit. While binderjet 3D printing excels in cost-effectiveness and detail, it tends to have slower production times and slightly lower accuracy. This makes it an excellent choice for projects where the benefits of real stainless steel are desired without the high costs of conventional metal manufacturing methods. Ideal for applications where metal injection molded part quality is sufficient, this technology offers a balanced solution between quality, cost, and detail. When customers seek a mix of cost and accuracy binderjet parts are completely machinable. We can print near net shape components and then post machine for accuracy and surface finish requirements. 

Versatile Metal Part Manufacturing via CNC Machining

CNC machining remains a mainstay in prototype fabrication, especially for metal components. RapidMade offers 3- and 5-axis CNC machined prototypes, working with a wide range of metals including steel, aluminum, and more exotic materials. This traditional and widely-used process is known for its precision and versatility, capable of producing parts with tight tolerances and unparalleled surface finish. Despite being ubiquitous in the industry, our approach combines state-of-the-art machinery with expert craftsmanship to deliver prototypes that meet the highest standards of quality. Ideal for applications where material properties and precision are critical, CNC machining is a robust solution for prototyping in various metal materials.