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Rapid Tooling for Vacuum Thermoforming

By applying advanced manufacturing technologies, RapidMade can produce tooling for thermoforming in under 48 hours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional technologies. With lower lead times and tooling costs, rapid tooling makes thermoforming a great option for prototyping and small-batch runs.

RapidMade offers three types of tooling for a range of applications:

Prototype 3D Printed Tooling

  • Tooling turnaround in 48 hours

  • Good for at least 50 forms

  • Variety of material and finish options

  • Fraction of the cost and lead time of cast or machined permanent tooling

 Prototype CNC Urethane Tooling

  • Typical tooling turnaround in less than one week

  • Good for at least 50 forms

  • Better for larger parts (15″ and larger)

  • High accuracy

Permanent Cast Aluminum Composite Tooling

  • Typical tooling turn around in 2-4 weeks

  • Guaranteed for life: free upkeep and replacements

  • Very fast and inexpensive alternative to cast or milled aluminum

  • Can make parts over 6 feet long

  • Extremely accurate

  • Faster cycle times and less expensive duplicates than prototype tools

Finished Product Vacuum Thermoforming

Learn more about RapidMade’s Vacuum Thermoforming options.