6 Axis Extrusion Printing

October 9, 2013

Be warned, for this is only a prototype, although a cool one at that. Unlike your home Makrbot, or even industrial level Fused Deposition Modelling machines made by Stratasys, this 6 Axis(!) extrusion printer prototype can extrude far more than layers. Capable of printing directly on a curved object or making multi-directional print lines, this literally adds a new dimension to extrusion printing.

There are two typical weaknesses of extrusion based printing that a 6 axis printer fixes. First is that between layer lines, the strength of an object can be up to 75% weaker than along the planes of the layers. 

Additionally, machines require dissolvable support material to make complicated geometries with undercuts, a technology on which Stratasys machines have an exclusive patent. The 6 Axis machine creates these geometries without violating patent law.

Cheers to novel ideas. 

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