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July 28, 2014
3D Printed Marketing Objects

Full-Color 3D Printing (ZPrinter 650)

  • Turn your BIM and CAD models into tangible marketing materials.
  • Create colorful models that catch the eye.
  • Show fine, hidden, or internal details of complex designs.
  • Produce inexpensive form/fit prototypes quickly.
  • Use for business presentations, technical training, art projects, architectural models, and many other applications…
  • Bring your favorite video game character to life.
  • Explain an operation to a patient with a replica of their tissue.
  • Print customized Christmas ornaments. 
  • Ask about our proprietary solutions that turn ZPrint parts into usable parts.
  • Learn more about full-color 3D printing

Build volume: 10 x 15 x 8 inches (larger with assembly).

Color: with almost 400,000 colors to choose from, why skimp?

Size: scale-down huge machines, buildings, artwork to hand-held or table-sized replicas

Logistics: avoid lugging heavy machinery to trade shows

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