Mortgage Lender Offers Novel 3D Printed Give-Away as Incentive

September 23, 2014
3D Printed Marketing Gift

Image and Article Credit:  3DPrint.com

I remember a time when banks gave away toasters and other items to win customers’ business. One notoriously offered firearms!   Adding a new twist to an old idea, the Swiss Bank Zurcher Kantonalbank recently rewarded a mortgage applicant with a 3D print of the customer’s home. Using the home’s blueprint to create a 3D model, Zurcher Kantonalbank had the model printed into a replica it then mounted on wood with a plague bearing the bank’s name.  That’s creative and memorable advertising…  And I can understand why the bank might go to such lengths.  Housing in Switzerland is among the most expensive real estate markets in the world.  Maybe this idea will catch on with other lenders and real estate brokers.

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