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Digital Life Goes Live with Microsoft’s HoloLens

January 22, 2015

During its recent Windows 10 Conference, Microsoft showcased its HoloLens prototype.  According to one attendee, PC Magazine’s Dan Costa, 

“HoloLens is (an) augmented-reality headset that allows you to mix the virtual world with the real world. Put on the headset and the glass screen can project a digital overlay on top of the physical world. It can be as simple as a Skype window or as complex as a 3D model of a jet engine.

While I think the technology is phenomenal, HoloLens’ ability to create 3D models using its companion 3D modeling program, HoloStudio, excites me the most. Costa witnessed a Microsoft engineer create a koala equipped with a rocket pack.  And I mean witnessed; he could actually watch what the designer was seeing – and creating – on HDTVs stationed nearby.  Reportedly, the engineer “walked around the hologram, grabbing tools from a holographic control panel, and then used a combination of voice and gestures to build and shape the koala.”  

And it didn’t stop there… dozens of 3D prints designed using HoloStudio and then manufactured on a 3D printer were on display.

Other product capabilities include interactive holographic gaming and Skype – which allowed the other party to see and interface with what the caller was viewing – imagine Technical Support walking, not talking, you through a fix.  The press corp even got a bonus “out-of-this world” experience when the HoloLens ‘transported’ them to Mars – where they were able to roam the landscape accompanied by a virtual tour guide.

Imagine the possibilities.  Design could be truly interactive and collaborate.  And dare I say possible for even the less tech savvy among us.  


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