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Now You Can Make Large Custom Parts Over a Meter Long

October 1, 2015
Large Format 3D Printing Company

Large Format Features include:

  • A max build volume of 1000 mm x 600 mm x 500 mm
  • Part resolution of 600 dots per inch.
  • Standard Layer Thickness: 120 microns
  • 0.3% Part Accuracy (min. +/- 100 µm) 
  • Much faster lead time than CNC machining of complex patterns
  • Saves on material by reusing powder 
  • Sand casting mold print material available for large patterns that would require complex or impossible cores and undercuts
  • Low Ash investment casting resin available with hollow insides for direct printed “wax” patterns with high quality burnout.
  • Acrylic epoxy composite material available for high quality plastic parts and models.
  • Avoid expensive waste and time consuming assembly associated with CNC machining of large objects.

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