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Stop Waiting and Paying for Expensive Tooling to Test Your Rubber Products.

October 27, 2015
rubber 3d print parts

Decrease R&D cycles and save money by direct 3D printing with RapidMade.

How do you prototype or fabricate small batches of rubber, urethane or other elastomers products when?

Soft elastomers won’t machine.

Fabrication by sheet lamination and gluing is inaccurate, weak and ugly.

Injection molding and other casting methods can take weeks to months and require expensive tooling.

Instead, 3D print your next rubber product design. RapidMade has successfully manufactured hundreds of gaskets, connectors, covers, plugs and other rubber products for a myriad of industries.

Advantages of using RapidMade for prototype and small-batch rubber product fabrication includes:

Fast turn around – Printed rubber products delivered in as little as 2 – 3 days.

Inexpensive low volume production – 3D printing has no tooling. Order as few as one part on short notice.

Multiple material options – Our 3D printed Thermoplastic Urethane rubber comes in shore 40 and 70 A durometers and a wide range of colors. Find our more about our SLS TPE material.

Multi-material prints – Using our polyjet technology, embed gaskets and other rubber materials directly inside of a rigid plastic assembly. Mix plastics to get over 100 digital materials ranging from shore 20A to 85D hardness.

During and After Prototyping – RapidMade offers expert engineering and design services as well as competitively priced urethane casting and injection molding options for larger volume production.

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