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3D Printing “Silences” Dissention

February 6, 2015
3D Printed Part

Soundproofing 3D Print (

At RapidMade, there’s nothing we enjoy more than designing and printing a creative solution to solve a client’s challenge.  So we like to follow stories that describe how 3D printing has improved someone’s quality of life…

Noise in multi-unit dwellings is an ongoing source of annoyance.  My daughter and her college suite mates are currently battling their RA about allegations that they make too much noise when they walk.  While an extreme example, most of us can easily think of at least one time when traveling sound created neighborly conflict.

At least one researcher, Foteini Setaki, believes the answer relies on 3D printing custom 

“sound absorbers…  based on a principle called passive destructive interference or PDI. It’s the intimate relationship between geometry and acoustic performance that makes PDI absorbers work, and she uses advanced additive manufacturing techniques to build unique, freeform geometries to test and understand the acoustics underlying the performance of various materials and shapes.”

Through these trials, Setaki hopes to apply the lessons learned to engineer sound absorbing barriers that are tailored to specific spaces such as lecture halls and gymnasiums.

Unfortunately, the timing won’t solve my daughter’s dilemma… maybe a cheap carpet will have to suffice.

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