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“CROWD COW” Project “Udder” Fun for RapidMade

May 5, 2015
3D Printed Cow

RapidMade recently participated in Portland’s 3D Printing Meetup group project, “Crowd Cow” which was unveiled last week at the Urban Farmer restaurant in the Nines hotel.  

“Their latest “why not” project is half a life-sized cow, made of 99 pieces printed on 14 separate 3D printers representing 700 hours of printing. It’s in collaboration with Urban Farmer restaurant, who will add an interactive, multimedia component and display the cow in their front window, showcasing the different anatomy of the various meat cuts (Stephanie Yao Long, Oregonian Live).

The Crowdcow is a vivid example of 3D printing’s ability to convey educational concepts in a concrete, understandable way that utilizes more of our senses.  It allows one to literally capture his or her imagination.  Many firms have asked RapidMade to help them educate clients, patients and students with hand-held replicas of body parts, industrial equipment and commercial products.   The life-sized cow?  That was “utterly” fun .

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