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3D Printed Iceman Heats Up Museum Display

February 17, 2016
3D Printed Iceman

One popular application of 3D printing is creating exact reproductions of antiquities.  As is often the case, museums want to display artifacts but face challenges making priceless objects available to the public.  The latest example of this technique is the recreation of the Iceman.  

Ötzi – the Iceman, the oldest European mummy, was replicated by Additive Manufacturing. Two 3D replicas have been made for display at the South Tyrol Museum in Italy. Using CAT scans taken of Ötzi, the models were rendered and printed using 3D engineering and manufacturing techniques. Once printed and assembled, a rubber mold was applied to the replicas, which were then sculpted and painted. Because Ötzi needs to be preserved, he will be stored in stable conditions while visitors of the museum can see these identical models.

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