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OMDOG Performance Canine Headgear Lets Your Dog Ride Safely in Style

August 26, 2016
dog headgear

RapidMade gets to work on many cool new product ideas.  Given our love of dogs – we have a dog-friendly workplace, this project has been a favorite…

OMDOG performance canine headgear started as a simple idea — to build a custom helmet for Charlie the Dog, who rides around Portland, Oregon in a cargo bicycle. When the decision was made to duplicate and improve the design, we contacted Rapid Made. They were responsive and excited about the project. They quickly 3D scanned our prototype, reverse engineered it, and made it easy for us to review and approve the CAD model before printing. Rapid Made helped us take an idea that started as a cardboard model made from a pizza box turn it into a viable product design. They’re providing us with manufacturing options within our budget and well suited for our target market. We are extraordinarily grateful to have found Rapid Made!”

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