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3D Printing Great Tool for Displays, Exhibits and Promotions

September 14, 2016
3D Model

Development model shown to Portland city council for project approval.

Capture the imagination of your Customers and Patrons with Unique Displays:


  • Turn around in as little as 24 hours means more time to perfect your designs.
  • Embedded textures lets you simulate the colors of building materials like brick, stone and wood.
  • Small features lets you design realistic windows, doors, beams, facades and other important visual design elements.
  • Prints come directly from your BIM models.


  • Get your products in front of customers where it would otherwise be difficult or impossible.
  • Customize marketing materials with logos and designs.
  • Infinite customization to achieve the exact effects you desire.
  • Get concept models in front of customers early in the product development cycle to get feedback before spending too much money on the wrong track.
  • Get tangible products in your customers hands instead of a 2D computer image.


  • Pens and magnets are boring and forgettable. Make a promotional giveaway your customer has never before seen.
  • Come to us with nothing but an idea for a promotional product and we can take care of the rest.
  • Personalize your giveaways to the exact customer you are handing it to with custom messaging.
  • Many promotional products require expensive tooling and long lead times to accomplish – RapidMade can make your promotional products in a week or less.


  • Drive traffic to your stores at the window and sales with custom retail displays.
  • Stand out and get attention at your next trade show with eye catching models.
  • Capture your customers’ attention and make them remember your brand
  • Lean on our design team to come up with a creative solution that will satisfy your customers and be flexible for your budget.



  • Store geometric and color data for priceless artifacts and works of art permanently with 3D scanning technology.
  • Use digital object data to engage visitors online with interactive web exhibits.
  • Create to-scale or re-scale replicas that let your visitors safely interact with models of priceless artifacts without endangering the original piece.
  • Create complimentary pieces for your exhibit from object data scanned by other museums around the world.

RapidMade Advantages:

  • Color: with almost 400,000 colors to choose from, why skimp?
  • Size: scale-down huge machines or buildings to hand-held or table-sized replicas
  • Logistics: avoid lugging heavy machinery to trade shows
  • Creativity: turn your BIM and CAD models into tangible marketing materials
  • Carefree: leave the design and fabrication to us, just supply the ideas

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