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RapidMade Helps SweetSense Make Life Sweeter for Residents in Kenya

September 27, 2016

RapidMade especially enjoys working on projects designed to improve the lives of others.  And we are thrilled when we get to see them “in action.”  Recently SweetSense asked us to 3D print SLS parts that were used to produce remote sensors in Kenya that allow residents to better maintain water supplies and sanitary latrines.  

According to Taylor Sharpe, SweetSense is a “social enterprise” that is a spin-off of the Portland State SWEET Lab and partners with other agencies to provide high-tech solutions to problems faced by residents in developing countries.  

“…in one case monitoring boreholes (deep water pumps that service 100s to 1000s of people) in Isiolo and Turkana counties in Kenya; and in the other case helping manage collection routines and operator issues of Sanergy Fresh Life latrines in the Mukuru informal settlements outside of Nairobi, Kenya.

For one of its initiatives, it has partnered with Sanergy to produce a

“rugged enclosure that contains an occupancy sensor and am RFID reader, to respectively estimate the fill level of latrines before conversion to fertilizer and to give Fresh Life Operators a direct line of contact with Sanergy HQ in the case of emergencies.

In another, the Sat Spacer, SweetSense worked with Kenya RAPID

“RapidMade parts were used to allow SweetSense to provide satellite-based monitoring in areas with no cellular coverage.

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