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Industrial Design Debuts at RapidMade

January 31, 2017
3D Industrial Design

Stag Concept Sketch

The popularity of Industrial Design, also known as Product Design, has accelerated due, in part, to a new wave of designers and advances in technology, materials, processes, and capabilities which has dramatically improved the design options available to clients. Working closely with Engineers, Industrial Designers are trained on function, aesthetics, ergonomics, anthropometrics, and manufacturing processes to provide you with the best “working” concepts from sketches, to renderings, to CAD models that create your final product.

RapidMade recently expanded its capabilities by including Industrial Design into our Product Design Process. In doing so, this lets us help our clients move from product conceptualization to launch much faster and more efficiently with better end results.

3D CAD Design

3D CAD Model of Stag

When clients first come to RapidMade, sometimes they have a complete design ready to be made, but often they only have an idea of what they want. Introducing our new Industrial Design capabilities is a critical step toward helping the customers make their vision a reality. 
Once a client completes a Quick Quote, we will arrange a meeting with our team of engineers and designers to discuss your concept. Our Industrial Designer then works with you to create multiple rough 2D sketches for the conceptual form that evolves into a final realistic 2D rendering (that you may keep). When you choose a final form, we add additional aesthetics. These can be anything from color, to contour lines, or personal brands and logos to get your finalized look. Our engineers then take this design you and our Industrial Designer created and make a CAD model with your specific dimensions, which is used to 3D print a prototype. We work with you on any additional iterations and source the final manufacturing for you. 

3D Print Design - Yellow

Final Stag 3D Print

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