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RapidMade Presents at NW Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo

October 4, 2018
RapidMade Presents at NW Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo

Alex Nolan, RapidMade Sales, explains Additive Manufacturing options to NEDME participants

Mark Eaton, RapidMade’s VP of Sales and Marketing presented at the NW Electronics Design & Manufacturing Expo where he spoke about 3D Printing technologies and Additive Manufacturing’s evolution into final part production as a solution to short-run, custom manufacturing.

Recognizing that 3D printing is a means to an end, RapidMade’s team works to understand customers’ priorities to determine whether Additive Manufacturing is appropriate, and if so, which technology is the best fit. Regardless of the technology employed, additive manufacturing is redefining the ways in which things are made. We’re moving from mass, overseas production which requires extensive inventories to mass, localized customization which involves managing electronic files. Advances in materials allow a transition from metal to plastic finished parts. And with the introduction of HP’s Jet Fusion printer, the process dramatically reduces lead times and costs.

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