Dragons Return to Merry Ole England, Thanks to 3D Printing

July 10, 2018
Dragons Return to Merry Ole England

A favorite perk of living in England was access to some of the greatest landmarks on earth.  One such treasure was a mere 20-minute train ride away.  Kew Gardens in Richmond is home to the Great Pagoda

“commissioned in 1761 during the reign of King George III… the striking 163-foot structure with its ornate and highly fashionable Chinoiserie style
— https://www.3dsystems.com/blog/2018/2018-07/how-help-older-dragons-lose-weight-look-great-3d-printing

Atop its magnificent roof once stood 80 fierce wooden dragons that were removed, but not forgotten, in a 1761 renovation.  Now they are being lovingly recreated by the magic of 3D scanning, reverse engineering and 3D printing – hopefully before our next “trip across the pond.”

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