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3D Printed Parts for Hoyt St Electric Skateboards

February 7, 2019
3D Printed Parts for Hoyt St Electric Skateboards

Starting a new business presents many unique challenges. When it comes to product development and manufacturing, small businesses especially can face difficult restraints in time, budget, and scale. In these situations, 3D printing can offer an excellent opportunity to save time and expense over traditional technologies.

We recently published a case study about our work with Hoyt St Electric Skateboards, a Portland-based company that produces high-quality electric skateboards. As the Hoyt St team was developing their product, they initially sought to produce certain parts for their skateboards using metal stamping. However, they found the process to be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming, in part because of the tooling requirements for metal stamping. Additionally, they likely would have needed to produce these parts offshore, adding additional time to their development process.

With RapidMade, Hoyt St Electric Skateboards was able to save tens of thousands of dollars and months of development time by using 3D printed plastic parts manufactured with the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer to produce their parts right here in Portland. 3D printed parts require no setup time or tooling and are ideal for quickly and inexpensively iterating designs. We were even able to help them produce designs that would have been impossible with traditional technologies like metal stamping or injection molding.

Once the Hoyt St team was ready to start manufacturing, we were able to help them seamlessly transition into full production runs at a scale that made sense for their business. The 3D printed nylon parts produced by the Multi Jet Fusion are durable enough to hold up to the performance demands of Hoyt St’s excellent products. To read more about our work with Hoyt St Electric Skateboards, check out the full case study here.

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