In a strange twist on bio printing, a UK artist is planning to 3D print a copy of his skull -- using powder from the ground-up skull of his deceased father. is reporting that Lee Wagstaff is defending his decision based on ancient precedent,

"bodily materials are, for him, simply art materials like ink, paint, or plaster.  He adds that in tribal art, materials like blood and bone are often used to create art."

While this is certainly true, it makes the idea no less controversial.  Remember the heated debate when "Bodies:  The Exhibition" (the display of resin-encased cadavers) started touring ?  At least its promoters could say there was a scientific value to the work.

Apparently, using the body as an artistic expression is a medium that Wagstaff is comfortable with.  He himself is covered in elaborate tattoos...

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AuthorRenee Eaton