RapidMade was recently honored to be featured in an Intel IT Peer Network article that detailed our company's growth strategy. Below is an excerpt...

If there are four types of entrepreneurs, the folks at RapidMade would be the Opportunists. Five years ago, the founders were intrigued by the concept of 3-D printing — not much advanced beyond proof of concept at the time — and decided they wanted to become experts in the technology. They didn’t know much about it, and they had no idea where RapidMade fit into the market. But they knew this technology was positioned to become big, and they knew they had an opportunity.

Five years later, the Portland, Oregon-based 3-D printing company has outgrown its 650-square-foot office. Their clients include inventors and Fortune 100 companies, and a cast of mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, machinists, and more comprise the company’s 14 employees. Machines operate around the clock. They needed considerable processing power, which was provided via the latest Intel® Core™ processors.
The small business’s focus is still opportunity: more robust in-house processes, accepting more sales, and ramping up for more business. Part of this thrust includes organizing sales territories and creating a larger national presence, as well as continued investment in machinery.

Being in the right industry at the right time might account for some of RapidMade’s growth, but their efforts to discover new opportunities to educate themselves and their customers have really driven success. ‘If people have a vision for what they want,’ Beem says, ‘the processes take care of themselves.’