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Introducing Direct Metal 3D Printing

July 16, 2019
metal 3d printing service

RapidMade is pleased to announce a new metal 3D printing service, Direct Metal printing, now available to our customers. This is a new additive manufacturing technology that uses binder jetting to produce high-quality metal parts in runs of 100-1000 units without any tooling and with limited setup time.

Direct Metal fills an important gap between the small-batch capabilities of machining or DMLS and the high-volume requirements of metal injection molding. While 3D printed metals have traditionally been used for prototypes or very small orders of specialized parts, Direct Metal makes it possible to 3D print commercial orders of custom parts and initial manufacturing runs for your product launch.

Now, you can have all the benefits of 3D printing—complex geometry, design flexibility, and greatly reduced lead times—with production-grade metal products in a variety of stainless steels and alloys. The affordability and excellent quality of Direct Metal printing makes it easier than ever to manufacture metal products with limited overhead costs and upfront investments.

Learn more about Direct Metal printing by clicking here, or get started with your metal 3D printing project today by filling out our quote form. Our engineers will review your project and get back to you in 24 hours or less with a quote and project analysis.

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