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Multi Jet Fusion Rubber Printing Is Here

January 3, 2020

3D printed rubber just got a major upgrade with the addition of durable, rubber-like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) to the Multi Jet Fusion’s roster of materials.

Now you can print strong, detailed and affordable rubber parts in a fraction of the time and cost of other 3D printing technologies like FDM and SLS. With its high chemical, thermal and abrasion resistance, TPU is the perfect material for common rubber parts like seals, gaskets and hoses.

Multi Jet Fusion rubber prints can be produced in as few as two days!

Flexible Manufacturing

Say goodbye to expensive metal tooling for injection molded rubber parts. 3D printed rubber will save your business tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of time on rubber parts and prototypes. Plus, additive manufacturing allows you to easily make design changes or print custom parts at no extra costs.

Multi Jet Fusion rubber printing lets you take full advantage of all of the innovative possibilities afforded by plastic and metal 3D printing for product development and small- to medium-sized production runs alike. From lattices and other complex internal geometries to organic shapes, variable wall thicknesses, and integrated tubing, 3D printed rubber can achieve designs that other types of manufacturing simply cannot.

Start your rubber printing project today by requesting a quote or learn more by visiting our Rubber 3D Printing page.

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