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Custom Thermoformed Trays

December 28, 2020

Whether you have worked in retail, manufacturing, or simply packaged items, you are probably familiar with thermoformed trays – packaging trays that can be molded to form fit any retail object. An essential means of packaging, thermoformed trays are similar to blister packs and clamshells in the sense that thermoformed trays are also created by heated plastic over a carefully-tooled template. The trays are typically made from plastics and can be used in a variety of different industries. 

At RapidMade, we specialize in specialty thermoformed trays including low-volume, ESD-rated, medical-grade trays or durable goods trays for material storage, handling, and automation.

Custom Thermoformed Trays for Small Runs

Thermoformed trays are found in all forms of retail packaging, grocery store displays, and even doctor’s offices. Thermoformed packaging trays are easy to mold, making them an obvious choice for many items. Formed to hold specific items, a thermoformed tray can be molded to hold anything as opposed to needing to find containers to hold an item.

Additionally, thermoformed trays are protection that doesn’t require a bulky casing. With friction fitting or straps, you can expect tight security with thermoformed trays. This makes thermoformed trays a very popular means of carrying items as it provides a customized fit that can keep any item snug. 

At RapidMade, we’ve seen a significant uptick in automation components and shipping trays. If you’re attempting to go green and re-utilizing shipping trays between factories, we have you covered. We focus our production on short-run thermoformed trays. These include in-store displays, product holders, and more. With an industrial and medical focus, our experience in producing these in an efficient and affordable manner is unmatched.

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Common Plastics Used for Thermoformed Trays

Thermoformed trays are primarily made from plastics. The type of plastics can range, though. Plastics such as PET, ABS, HIPS, HDPE, PVC, and even PETG can be used. Thermoformed trays can be used by a variety of plastics and can be made in different colors and even with various patterns or imprinting. 

Custom Thermoformed Trays Made at RapidMade

In addition to 3D printing, RapidMade provides thermoformed tray manufacturing. As a typically lower-priced alternative to printing, thermoformed trays are made at RapidMade by drawing hot thermoplastic sheets around a mold. Air is then sucked out to craft a consistent definition. Thermoformed trays take less time to produce and can be a durable and reliable product that lasts for years. RapidMade can provide a customized quote within 24 hours or less. In addition, items take around two to four weeks to ship out to ensure you receive your product within a timely manner.

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